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Have you spent hours searching for your perfect GM and table? A place to sit down and have fun like the wonderful cast of Dimension 20? An immersive world full of consequences, obstacles, partying, adventuring and high-fantasy hijinks? Look no further. Spirits of Elyria is my third expansion in my homebrew world packed with everything you could ever want in a game. After houndreds if not thousands of hours running games and creating stories, I have realized a pivotal detail. This game is meant to be played as a group (obviously, right?) but what that really means is that players drive the story forward. No more rail-roading, no more modules for generic stories that barely mean anything to your character being forced upon you. Be free and join me in this collaborative storytelling where YOUR choices will be the driving factor behind the story. Hey there everyone, my name is Arnaldo but I'm commonly reffered to as DM Howl. I'm 24 years old. I started as a professional DM short of a year ago with another SPG account called Next Level Gaming but the organization has disbanded and as such I have created my own SPG page (hence why it seems like a new account). I studied an MS in Food Science and my passions include chess, nature hikes (specially forests) and a love for animals, I also dabble in video games and anime from time to time. From a young age I had a passion for stories and storytelling but it wasn't until I saw the great folks over at critical role and dimension 20 that I realized the potenial that dungeons and dragons had to be such a canvas for storytelling. I view D&D games as a medium for my players and I to build a story together that is better than anything I or them could have come up with alone. As such, my DM style is very roleplay heavy, diving deep into your backstories, deadly combats every session or two (sometimes we'll have a pure RP session), and many many skill challenges that will allow you to live off the fantasy of your character to the fullest. I mainly do Dungeons and Dragons, however if you and a group have a different TTRPG you'd like to try out we can discuss it as I'm very interested in trying out other systems :). Here is an invite to my Discord Server: The Howler's Den

GM style

First and foremost, as a DM I am here to help you tell YOUR story. I'll set up everything to make you shine in the spotlight, as well as set up enough obstacles and tense situations for you to make it feel challenging and worth your time. The best stories are made when the hero faces hardship in a way unique to them and overcomes it. If you can't overcome it alone, rely on your fellow heroes! If you fail, this character's story might inspire others to learn from their mistakes and provide character to the story. Sessions are roleplay heavy, deadly/challenging combats (with many reskins), and will offer many opportunities for you to divulge your downtime, the things that are unique to your character's personality.

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