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I am a reality escapist (or escape artist, if you would)... I believe that all of reality is 90% perceptual but 100% of it can and will if given the chance, kill or at least maim. Physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. I have lived in 7 completely different biomes, as well as moving over 50 times in my life and am only now at 35ish nesting. I am cultivating my life experiences (abeit slowly) and creating a homestead with a goal of 70%+ self sustainability and a 300 to 500% primarily automatic production rate. After 3 years my wife and I are around 17%, I've rolled a few nat 1's IRL. I bring a varied and adaptive approach to the table. I don't like rules but follow them, bend them and manipulate loopholes. In a typical day I will play in my garden (planting, digging water resevoir pond, upscaling 2liter soda bottles into planters...etc..), get my chainsaw out and clear brush, use poles to create boards, to create my shed on our homestead, watch and listen to the song birds, wash dishs, change oil on my vechiles, build a scare crow out of old clothes, cover it with cement and give it a scythe and watch the neihbors squirm when they drive by. Tend to my living hedge of broken branches, vines (grapes, roses, blackberries...hopefully more as time goes by). I like to stop every once in awhile and knock on the sky and see what sound it makes, while allowing the aEther to flow in through my toes and out of my finger tips. And when given the chance, if not hostile, I like to listen to an old story from sources... no conventional means can prove. (I am not strong, just a good listener...most times.) I am the type of person IRL who knows when a house is haunted, and will turn around and walk away if its aggressive. I have lived in more possessed domiciles and have walked blanketing fields of... something... then I like to admit to myself most days. ANYWAYS... I say this because I feel it helps make me a good story teller. I bring knowledge thats... less then the beaten path to the mix. I know this will turn away ALOT of people who are just looking for a fun time, but those who are intrerested enough to stay, may find kindred spirits and enjoy the exchange. Blessed Be, Amen Namaste, may you all walk with your gods. Fore the night is dark and filled with monsters, who enevitably will feast. Okay, GM STUFF: I've been mastering games for friends and family for... well since 5e came out. Okay alittle after 2015ish? That was 7 homes ago... An ex-friend started my wife (girlfriend at the time) out with 3.5, it made no sence but we struggled through built characters with little to no help, and then when (for the first time playing) started to actually play, (even after bring food, snacks and etc... as we were apprehensive...) I was molested *sorry folks tragic backstory to follow* with a minotaur's male bit. It... was unpleasant, we tried to play again months later with him as DM again (just incase it was a bad one off...) but no matter what I tried in character he made fun off and made into a giant way to make fun of me... well needless to say I continued on, so everyone else could have fun, but afterwards my girlfriend (now wife) asked me why I took the abuse, I told her because you were having fun, and everyone was laughing. She taught me the most important rule I still live by... she said "We weren't having fun, that's why we left early (45mins in)." I hadn't even realized. SO I PLAY AND MASTER GAMES ALOT DIFFERNTLY THEN SOME. I play to the atmosphere, if the players are having fun then thats a good game. If we can't stop laughing and talking about it afterwards... thats a GREAT game. If a life-lesson or ten were slipped in unnoticed and thinnly vailed, excellent. If I hear that their life started improving after they took on some aspect of a character they loved (and wished to be 'atleast in-part'). Its happend twice now. One person, now a friend, didn't see anything good in herself, was very introspective and having severe depression problems. It took a few characters, come to find out but she just needed to be okay making mistakes, goblins are amazing. My philosophy is if you want to make something do it. Homebrew is amazing but alot of people just want to be overpowered and world obliterating, I have NO problems with this aslong as the rest of the table is on the same page. SIX OVER POWERED CHARACTERS WITH GOD LIKE POWERS WIELDING ENTIRE NATIONS, PLANETS, COSMIC FORCES, STELLAR SUNS, OR QALAXIES against villians who manipulate minds, bend reality, and infest the white spaces between the spell forms... sounds amazing and epic, just aslong as all players are onboard wielding similiar LEVEL/LCOMPLEXITY/OVER-BEARING power. Or on the opposite end, I love doing session(s) that involve WHY certain characters became who they are. (The popularly dreaded Level ZERO stuff, but not...). Having a fully filled out character and going on amazing quests. BUT sometimes its fun to leave without your hankerchief, fully reading over a contract that warrants next of kin and religious preferences, being dragged off to some remote place FAR out of your comfort zone, to be shown that your fully unprepared and their would have been no way to prepare because you didnt even understand that that environment exsisted. I'm talking about Bilbo Baggins...aswell as myself when I enlisted. Thank you to any veterans out their reading this. And I'm sorry, hopefully you found someone who loves all of you as much as mine does me. Sorry if this is all disjointed/train of thought... its very hard to reign in pure creativity, its why I like DND/roleplay so much because its structured but going off the rails is the majority of the fun. Any questions/comments/concerns we can certainly address them during our free character creation and... LEVEL ZERO *allow the exostenstial terror to creep into your soul. Don't worry its just a chance one on one to get to know each other, likes, dislikes, soft veiled lines/concepts, hard lines/ptsi(post traumatic stress injury(ies))*simple as dont cross this line. And then likes, want to explore, dont care abouts, care abouts, would be fun if... basically just getting to know one another. Were talking about possibly playing together for years to come (depending on how much y'all can stand me.) Might aswell take a few hours to get to know one another. or Not. Professional vs. Friendly... thats the question?

GM style

I am highly flexible between role play, tactical(x-com like) combat(using terrain, environmental hazards, scenario appropriate reinforcements, group tactical dynamics, and loot that makes sense), and adventuring (being simulated environmental challenges and painting vivid diverse imaginary scenes). During my free, level zero, one on one, discussion, I intend to find out what a player is wanting from the gaming experience and cater to that. As not all people are like others my HOPE is to run separate games that may be combat focused, role play/noir focused or adventuring/puzzle focused. The overlying story, characters and plot hooks may be same/similiar but the games themselves may vary extremely depending on players expectations, desires and actions. Is their a term for the opposite of rail-roading? A little less chaotic then sand box? Probably best described as open-world like Elden Ring and Breath of The Wild (Tears of the Kingdom!!!!May excited) where their are multiple objective-like areas that may end up making the game harder or easier depending on how they are handled. I do not use copy righted materials like the Tomb of Annihilation, there are plenty of people running those scenarios, quests... each with their own take on whats going on. I prefer cooperative story-telling, my world is merely the play place for that to happen. So:....if your still reading.... examples of what is going on in my world currently due to players and others mastering for me... ****warning their may be ptsi triggers, please do not read past here if you have suffered injuries in the past, these are boundaries that we will cover in Level ZERO talks: ...In a pocket dimension created by one clash of cosmic forces, the two mountains on the map are the solidified forms Tiamat and Bahamut. Their is an Uniya, slave-princess who is fighting a group of individuals wiping out entire civilizations to add to their undead army... she currently commands 20+NPCs, has included characters from other campaigns(liked the character but not the campaign), has 2 main airships and is now the rightful heiress to the throne. This game has been going for over 5 years...with hundreds of hours of game play, and about 5 if interested just ask, I'm also writing novelettes. ...There is a goblin stronghold being held by a large band of kobolds enslaved by elves who have been brainwashed by a dragon. Mind you the pcs are goblins, getting back from a raid on an adventuring party that had been wiped out before they got their. Free LOOT!... or is it? ...One former battalion leader, now turn-coat due to perspective change, having nothing is re-learning how to fight. At Level 10 fighter, but no money and no items, fighting in a dystopian world against the very faction that had taught her right from wrong. Now struggles with striking a decisive blow, or maintaining her new morality. ...A beholder who was forced to dream of what it would be like to have a comforting mother (due to a clever use of detect thoughts and some high rolls), subsquently... CID was born...with a friend/mommy issues...and creates world bending devices from her dreams, but is also just as likely trap you in world melting nightmare, if she thinks you dont like her. She also is pretty good at making sandwichs. The oath-broken paladin is currently in (and has been for years) in a bad state of PTSI as they have been blipped in and out of exsistence too many times... But that can happen if you befriend a friendly beholder.

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