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TL:DR version: I'm me, your you, lets play. Long version: About me as a Professional (haha) GM: I use fae/faer pronouns for the simple fact that as a GM, I am legion. Makes things easier. Don't be intimidated, I use male pronouns elsewhere but do my absolute best to be considerate to all who have chosen their identities from sex, creed, race and/or belief. ***quickly-my decisions for the apps I use. *audio (discord) only for now and I use Shard tabletop so mobile players can join easily and those who don't have thousands to spend on gaming rigs, this however only stops us from having moving tabletop backgrounds and dynamic lighting. The upside is, very little lag, a larger option base and closer knit players. DND beyond users can import their characters into shard, giving us one less app/window to be open. Another rant/rave/warning/safety approach: IRL stuff stays IRL, outside of game-time, in-game prejudices are not correspondant to any outside and are not the views of GM or players, if your character don't like goblins because they murdered your family that is fine, however don't make the player's life hell that chose goblin for their race unless you have an outside chat of boundaries and lines with ME! Else I'll find better players :0 yep, just said that, I don't keep bigots in my player base. Anyways...sorry for the rant, just have a lot smaller player base then some. About my IRL (in real life) persona: I am a retired* air force veteran-crew chief, basically I made sure my planes flew, landed and had the appropriate stuff when pilots came to take them away from me... I used to be a Homemaker for my wife, I wash dishes, do laundry, keep things tidy ;) Started a manufactoring job now... cost of living increases and all that. Not loving it, but who in the world loves their day-job? I am an aspiring home-steader. I have my own rain-catch system, and am building a sustainable garden, we have grid-power and fiber optic internet but are also building off-grid sustainability and I hope to move to star link at some point. I am also an aspiring artist/craftsman... I have my finger in too many pies and not deep enough in one to perfect it. Between Acrylics, Resins, Wood working, Bushcraft, Arduino-robotics/automation systems, Video game programming-using godot, and wealth-craft. I am not overly good at any thing but still, the years add up. I am the father of 5 fur babies, 3 cats and two dogs, all but one are "rescues". Our German-Sheppard was locked in a crate in an apartment with a lady who, unfortunately, was slowly slipping into dementia and was forgetting to feed her. And we were "brought- home" an estranged kitten by one of our cats who we had to use eye drops and slowly coxed them to eating inside. Now plump happy and furious. About my play-style: I enjoy co-operative story telling. I use DND 5e cause it got my wife and I hooked into playing. So rules are more like guidelines and the rule of cool trumps a lot. Sorry-Home brew is "just out" for player classes/subclasses, races or spells and most other things (for the simple reason that new-to-me players have taken up hundreds of my "personal" hours, then bailed leaving me with a migraine, blame them not me) ***UNLESS it is a booked game (without people from the bone-pile, invite friends and shoot me a booking) then do what you want-its a nice benefit to booking, you choose the game criteria. Example is one of my private booked games is a goblin civilizations game with adventuring being done in daily "turns" where one of the players has an Omelette(Omnilet from Ben 10) that lets them transform into creatures. Their is not a "standard" enemy in my game, goblins carry everything from short swords to plate-mail and some of them are sturdier then others though I will often give cues/clues to this effect and can always be gleamed through a nature/history/investigation and/or perception check. Demons, ageless ones, necromancers all summon the best they can make and all of this is super-op to match the crazy that is brought by players getting super'd through natural gameplay. Min-max'ers are welcome however may be underwhelmed as newer players are making strikes on par with their own. If your rule-crazy I probably not be the Dm for you and that is fine, their are many other fine rule-centric Game masters looking for players like you. Pets/minions/cities/strongholds/flying airships of bombardier doom are not only welcomed but encouraged. Alot happens in discord outside of "game-time" to give each player freedom from the group, though this is not a play-by-text so please bare in mind I have a lot of side-jobs and may not be able to answer right back. However if play-by-text is something your interested please let me know and we can "communicate" it, (sorry this is me addressing my one thumbs down review.) I don't see skill checks as a hindrance and have players make A LOT of them as they bring the good side of chaos to the game. (Do not fear the Nat one for they make the most interesting story arcs, and for those who excel at bad luck "Don't fear the reaper") They are also an expressional outlet for characters. Actions DO NOT equal specific skill checks, if one your proficient/expert in can reasonably be used then by all means use it. (i.e. locked door-skills that can be used-acrobatics, athletics, sleight-of-hand, stealth(in-some-cases), arcana, history, nature(if a fey portal... or your inside a creature), persuasion(when the door talks back, to the barbarian...maybe calls it a name...-bard)... and anything else a good argument can muster.... and that's just for locked doors. About my Gm'ing (game mastering) style: I enjoy people who want to play. I do not enjoy people who want to be the center of attention all the time and not allow others their time and space to play. I enjoy people who like to come up with strategems and pre-plan combo attacks/formations and negotiate what they want to do about situations. I do not like people who do this once intiative has been rolled. I take penalties as DM when I meta-game so do my players, before intitve planning is imperative, after combat post-planning for future combat is responsible... During combat is detrimental as it alerts weary opposition and could spoil plans if in higher levels where enemies have ways of hearing besides their ears or have minions spying and reporting back. I enjoy in-game banter, i enjoy out of game banter (I suck at it but I do my best as a introvert recluse with bad habitual social skills taking classes (youtube-cause I is broke b**t)) I DO NOT ENJOY, ALLOW, TOLERATE OR EVEN GIVE QUARTER TO BIG0TRY, HOMOPHOBIC, OR SEXIST SPEAK. These are zero-tolerance, anything rude or offensive to other players is also zero-tolerance, basically DO NOT BE AN ASS! Inferior minds will be cursed, banned and slowly destroyed. O and I'm alittle slow myself mentally, just to be clear, I don't mean slow.

GM style

I am highly flexible between role play, tactical(x-com like) combat(using terrain, environmental hazards, scenario appropriate reinforcements, group tactical dynamics, and loot that makes sense), and adventuring (being simulated environmental challenges and painting vivid diverse imaginary scenes). As not all people are like others my HOPE is to run separate games that may be combat focused, role play/noir focused or adventuring/puzzle focused. The overlying story, characters and plot hooks may be same/similar but the games themselves may vary extremely depending on players expressed wants, desires and actions. Is their a term for the opposite of rail-roading? A little less chaotic then sand box? Probably best described as open-world like Elden Ring and Breath of The Wild/Tears of the Kingdom where their are multiple objective-like areas that may end up making the game harder or easier depending on how they are handled. So:....if your still reading.... examples of what is going on in my world currently due to players. ****warning their may be ptsi triggers, please do not read past here if you have suffered injuries in the past, these are boundaries that we will cover in "Say Something" talks: ...In a pocket dimension created by one clash of cosmic forces, the two mountains on the map are the solidified forms Tiamat and Bahamut. Their is an Uniya, slave-princess who is fighting a group of individuals wiping out entire civilizations to add to their undead army... she currently commands 20+NPCs, has included characters from other campaigns(liked the character but not the campaign), has 2 main airships and is now the rightful heiress to the throne. This game has been going for over 5 years...with hundreds of hours of game play, and about 5 if interested just ask, I'm also writing novelettes. ...There is a goblin stronghold being held by a large band of kobolds enslaved by elves who have been brainwashed by a dragon. Mind you the pcs are goblins, getting back from a raid on an adventuring party that had been wiped out before they got their. Free LOOT!... or is it? ...One former battalion leader, now turn-coat due to perspective change, having nothing is re-learning how to fight. At Level 10 fighter, but no money and no items, fighting in a dystopian world against the very faction that had taught her right from wrong. Now struggles with striking a decisive blow, or maintaining her new morality. ...A beholder who was forced to dream of what it would be like to have a comforting mother (due to a clever use of detect thoughts and some high rolls), subsequently... CID was born...with a friend/mommy issues...and creates world bending devices from her dreams, but is also just as likely trap you in world melting nightmare, if she thinks you don't like her. She also is pretty good at making sandwiches. The oath-broken paladin is currently in (and has been for years) in a bad state of PTSI as they have been clipped in and out of existence too many times... But that can happen if you befriend a friendly beholder. ...Massive Dungeon Crawlers that have to be taken out from the inside out but may be home to a cloister of mind controlled mutated miniature humanoids... one group built a bomb to deal with this... another smoked the thing using barrels of oil. ...A minotaur inn-keeper with his orc cook are having goblin problems so says the bounty. Unfortunately the minotaur and orc are both infested with mind-controlling leeches and that's not the scary part...

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