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About me

I have been playing TTRPGs since high school, and introduced many friends to the hobby through college. For the last 7 years, most of my DMing practice came from a Living campaign, running over a hundred sessions online for dozens of individuals. I am a creative individual, with experience improvising in response to player nonsense (possibly the best part of any game) who enjoys seeing more off-the-wall character concepts. While I make an effort to keep things balanced, I prefer to err in the side of player enjoyment. I am a trans woman, and the only people not welcome at my table are those who take issue with the existence of others. I am open to running any time, any day but Saturdays (which are my day to act as a player). If you have a particular adventure you want to play, drop me a message and I can put it on my schedule. Fastest response will be given over Discord, StartPlaying doesn't notify me when i get a message through the site. Vhaidara#2489. If you see a game on my schedule with no players in it, I am perfectly willing to modify the game or the time to match with a new group, think of those more as proposals

GM style

I greatly enjoy both roleplaying and tactical combat. I also generally aim to stick to rules unless something is discussed beforehand. The systems I enjoy are generally well balanced, but I am comfortable enough with them to be willing to make some changes to enable some stranger character concepts. The point of a game is to have fun, so as long as the group is enjoying themselves, I consider it a win. My general tone preference is to the heroic, though conflicted characters and even evil characters are welcome, as long as they are cooperative and not antagonistic. In game antagonism is only okay if the players involved have both agreed to it out of game (and those are some of the best stories I've seen)

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