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About me

I'm trying to create the most epic versions of "play pretend" for cool, kind people I possibly can. I strive to give Wizards the opportunity to use their spells in ways that make them feel like Raistlin or the Elminster, while the fighter beside them feels like Drizzt, or Guts. I want to help people create coteries of Vampires. that are as multifaceted as they are troubled, and Mage chantries that change reality. I love lore, and I love storytelling. My primary game systems are Dungeons and Dragons, The World of Darkness, Symbaraum, and Star Trek Adventures, but I am always open to learning more. I generally run all homebrewed settings within the systems I use. The general tone of which I would describe as similar to a more light hearted episode of The Sopranos. I love Star Trek, history, and I am a pop culture sponge. I am the kind of ST/DM who will message you questions randomly about your character, and gladly read whatever you provide backstory wise. Let's make some fun happen. Edgelords need not apply.

GM style

I strive to create games that balance roleplay and combat, as I think they both have great value. I do believe that roleplay makes combat mean something, so I try to create as varied an experience as possible for players to become connected to their characters whole life. I think it is important for things to feel earned. I love doing voices, and I love writing, but I also know that it isn't all about me so I try to get out of the way when the time feels right and avoid railroading. I have a imagination in overdrive so I am happy to add as much description to a scene, or action as I can, but my aim is to have players immersed enough that their vision guides the description.


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