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About me

I am Past, a forever DM with over 25 years of TTRPG and DMing experience with a deep love for game design and development. I am Future; I have over 17 years of experience with TTRPGs, courtesy of my best friend, Past. I have five years of DM experience and a penchant for acting and story craft. We run game separately and together, as the Two-Headed Dungeon Master. We offer a unique, immersive experience with smooth combat, a broad array of characters, each with their own voice and mannerisms, music and sound effects, a touch of homebrew, and twice the fun. Having two heads allows us to address player inquiries, create breakout rooms for party splits, and run larger groups and combat scenarios without slowing down the game! Dungeon mastering and storytelling is our greatest passion, and we look forward to seeing you in whatever realm you desire to adventure!

GM style

We thoroughly enjoy roleplaying, not just voices, but developing motives and ideals for each NPC to help make them memorable, engaging, and realistic. We deliver thrilling tactical combat with high stakes where battlefield favor constantly shifts between heroes and villains. We strive to run a game where the action is always happening, and we don't get bogged down in the small stuff; that said, sometimes the minutia is necessary, and that is where the second head comes in handy to help keep the game pace rolling.


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