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The Talkative Troglobite
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The Talkative Troglobite

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About me

New Friends, my name is Chethan AKA the Talkative Troglobite and I love introducing new players to TTRPGs, so drop a line on the sending stone! I'll be in my cave prepping maps and rolling dice. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A troglobite is an animal that normally lives entirely in the dark parts of caves. It is also, in this case, a pandemic-isolated, out of work gigging professional and, until now, hobbyist DM with a lifetime of role play experience and a five year intensive crash course in D&D 5e and DMing games online who is eagerly welcoming new players and veteran dice-rollers alike to join together in adventuring. Aided by numerous studied manuals and a virtual tabletop, and armed with experience in every campaign I offer here, I will help bring your story to life and your party together as a group. As players, you will join me in crafting a world and a story that I imagine will be far sillier and more epic, though no less dangerous, than our ordinary lives. **Very flexible with availability**

GM style

Think of our story as an epic television show with each story arc making up a season and each play session making up an episode. Each session starts with a "previously" and ends with a cliffhanger until the very end. As a professional teacher and tutor, I maintain the philosophy that my student is the brain and I am just the guidebook, the facilitator, and encourager. My players will see this reflected in my games as I will often use official content as the bare basis of our adventures, but I take all cues from my players. Did you mishear an NPCs name? Look, what you heard is likely funnier than my notes, so I'm gonna follow it. Did you wander off the map? Let's fill it in together and it becomes canon for all future games in this region. I love getting into the weeds with roleplay when my players engage it. I have a tendency to indulge silliness, especially when derived from PC failings. Often these failings occur when I remind my players (in game) that our RP world is more "real" than "game" -- even if it often is a very silly reality. I avoid black and white good vs bad in favor of more grey area "enemies" whenever possible. The campaigns I've playtested are super well suited to new players and are an absolute blast with veteran players, so if you've never played before or just don't have anybody on hand who can dedicate the time to mastering a game, please come check out the adventures I'm offering.


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