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About me

Hello, fellow adventurer! I'll give you a little bit about me but I'll mainly talk about my passion and experience and a little of my background that jettisoned me into this beautiful game that I just cannot get enough of! I have been playing TTRPG's, mainly D&D 5e, for about 7 years now with 6 of those being in the DM's role. Before I started playing, I was very keen and into my drama studies and always enjoyed being on stage playing a different character and voice that was not myself or my own. I believe that this experience has helped me with the confidence to become the DM and the voice acting has certainly bled into my performance as a Dungeon Master throughout the years. I have a serious passion for D&D and the joy that it can bring to not just me but to my players also. I never look at a campaign being mine despite making it, but rather ours as we all have a large part in creating the characters, stories, memories within the world that I run.

GM style

Roleplay is a definite for my DM'ing style as that is how a great story can unfold. I heavily encourage players to RP with any of the NPC's they encounter, but more so between themselves. Building relationships between characters is something that develops not the main story, but rather the characters own personal journey throughout the world and the plot threads they find themselves caught up into. It also brings a warm fire to my DM heart when a session consists of character development between players. Having a background in the theatre, voices come naturally to me and every single NPC I play will have a voice, and if they cannot due to being a monster that doesn't vocalise, then I normally can do a screech or whine for whatever that creature actually is and what noise my mind imagines them making. This can always bring joy to me and players and I am more than fine with a player laughing at a silly voice that a hag may have or being disgusted with the slurring drawl of a demonic creature. If I can invoke emotion of any kind in a player, I'm doing my job correctly. I encourage my players to follow in a voice, however it is not mandatory as I will never make a player do something they are not comfortable with. In this case, it is better if a player describes whenever their character is speaking or is performing a certain action. I thoroughly enjoy combat, but it does not mean I press combat more than RP or exploration or any other elements of the game that are there. I certainly enjoy the tactical side of combat that can be performed on my end, but I also enjoy seeing the plots and cunning of my players show through within combat. A player is more than welcome to flavour exactly how they swing their axe against the orc, or how they utilise the material components to create their fireball, but again it is not mandatory. I normally have a knack for describing an attack, hit or miss, and will normally go ahead and give a brief description if a player decides to "Attack with my axe!" Another part of this is I always give a "How do you want to do this?!" to the player of the killing blow of an enemy, especially if that enemy is a larger foe or could be considered a 'Boss battle'. I like to hold myself and my players to the RAW rules of D&D 5e when making a character and when actually playing the system. I like to think I have a vast knowledge of the ruleset, however it does not mean I know everything. If a ruling is unclear to us all in the moment, then I will happily look it up quickly to ensure we are sticking to a format that can be repeated if it were to come up again. I am also more than happy for a player to question my ruling on something and to give my reasoning. At the end of the day it can be a learning curve for all of us at different levels of experience and inclusivity is something I like to hold for all players and myself. I do not run a DMvsPC game or mindset. I am providing a foundation to my players for them to choose how everything is erected. I do not railroad players to go a certain way, or interact with a certain NPC in a certain way. I enjoy the randomness that can be spurned on by player choices and enjoy presenting options and seeing where exactly the characters motivations lead the scene. If I cause a TPK, that means I have to find some way out of that for the campaign to continue. This doesn't mean I don't have ways of doing so, but it would be nice to not lead players that I am ruthless. However, this doesn't mean I will not get irritated whenever I am rolling three natural 1's in a row for my monster attacks. I am very approachable and am a constant DM that is present at all times of the week, not just an hour before and after our session. If a player has a question about their character, or wants to refresh themselves on something that happened in a session, or even talk future character ideas, then I am more than happy to answer these and provide any insights where I possibly can. All you need to do is send me a message at any time and I will most likely respond very quickly, unless of course I am indisposed by sleep or just general life.

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