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About me

Hey guys and gals I’ve been playing TTRPGS for years. I’ve DM’d some IRL 5e games in the past, but as I’m sure you’re aware life halts campaigns in their tracks. I’ve been playing a few PC’s online through Start Playing. I’m looking to do some one shots and learn how to use VTT’s from a DM’s point of view. I’ve played several different systems Vampire, Star Wars, and Mage to name a few. Although I’ve only ever ran 5e D&D IRL. I anticipate a learning curve for online play, but the 3 games I play weekly as a PC have great players who provide assistance if the DM isn’t sure of a mechanic. So what I’m hoping to offer is a 3-5 hour game that is fun, suspenseful, and challenging. I’m thinking gauntlet style one shot. Hopefully I will get a chance to roll some dice with you!

GM style

I do my best to role play the different NPC’s encountered throughout the world. My voices are a 1 outta 5 but I try (it’s easier to do voice’s online and I’m working on it). Starting out I will be doing One Shot Dungeons and Gauntlets. I’m going to be using Owlbear as it was recommended by a DM I play with weekly. As a DM I almost always will let you roll for whatever it is you’re trying to do. Maybe the DC will be higher if you can’t explain why or how your going to do your thing, but you can certainly try. I own the hardback books and don’t really want to buy them again on beyond, but I have several source books to reference. PHB, DMG, MM, XGtE, TC.

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