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About me

Got into D&D because of Stranger Things in 2016 and no one I knew played, so I started out running a homebrew campaign for friends and been running and playing the game since, creating tons of memories we still look back on years later. I’ve run a couple homebrew campaigns as well as a game set in Exandria (Critical Role). I’m writing a campaign book for my fantasy post-apocalyptic setting. I love crafting worlds and homebrewing, and creating cool stories with fun people, and want to help more people get into the game and play. All are welcome in my games as long as you are kind and considerate! LGBTQ+ friendly! I’m trans, lesbian. Mostly run D&D 5e Can also run Call of Cthulhu, The Witcher, and Dishonored.

GM style

I love fun roleplay, mystery, intrigue, exploration, intense combat, and the occasional puzzle. I try to make my games a mix of all those elements so every type of player has fun and finds something to engage with. I tend to say yes whenever a player proposes something and allow for awesome memorable moments, allowing for rule of cool to take precedence (within reason). In ongoing campaigns I try to create character arcs for each PC, sometimes connecting character backstories to the main plot in ways players might not expect. I love homebrewing and coming up with enemies and encounters that surprise my players. I mostly run games in a fantasy setting but have run a couple sci-fi/cyberpunk games using D&D 5e rules as well.

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