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Tom Murr

3 years on StartPlaying


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Highly rated for: Storytelling, Creativity, Teacher

About me

Hi, I am Tom Murr and you are about to be enchanted to play a game with me. RPGS are a big part of my life for round about 2 decades by this point. For a very long time I ran games at the kitchen table and then found people online who shared my interest in games aside of the big fantasy ones. There is a chance, that you already have encountered me. I have been on several streams (i.e. Onyx Path) and in two podcast mini campaings (Red Moon Roleplaying). Sometimes you can find me on online conventions and in written form on DriveThru with some Vaesen community content. Some examples of my streams can be found on my not to active youtube channel further below. My favourite genre is faerie tale / folk horror. It can be the perfect blend of beauty/weird/scary, which I love (Changeling The Lost, Vaesen, Solemn Vale). But I also venture into other horror stories like other Chronicles of Darkness lines. Dark and weird fantasy like Heart the City beneath and Spire the City must fall. Some comedy like Paranoia or They Came from ... There is always a new game that I am learning and trying. Should you prefere storytelling to numbers crunching and are fine to go rules light, we might have a great time together. We will be both fans of your character, you by giving them a backstory and bringing them to life and I by challenging them and weaving a story avout them.

GM style

My games are heavily story and character focussed. Don't expect intricate tactic games or big number crunching. Rules light systems are preferred at my table, so we can do some dice roles, that inform some descissions and the direction that the game takes and venture forth. I am a fan of my players characters. I will cheer them on, lure them into doing great deeds or dramatically failing at them. One of my biggest strengths as a GM is to set the seen, create certain moods and immerse you into our gaming world. Allthough I do run comedic games from time to time, most of my adventures carry a serious tone. I use VTTs for basic needs like character sheets, dice rolling and music, but that's it. Don't expect light effects on maps or crazy archives full of background info. In the end your head will be our cinema screen. Longer campaigns have a Session 0, oneshots require Lines and Veils up front. There are two things, that are very important to me: 1. Be kind. I want everone to feel safe. Everyone is welcome as long as they can the respect the identities of their peers in the group. 2. Please show a little awareness regarding time in the spot light. This is a group experience and everyone deserves to do cool things.


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