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About me

All my life, I've been a story teller. From writing funny stories as a kid in English class to directing award winning short films as an adult, it's what I do, and who I am. It's a part of me. And the thread that carried me along that path was role playing games. At first we just made up the rules, fighting the monsters of our wildest imaginations and sleep in the dark bedrooms of my childhood sleepovers. As I got older, I made up my own games, along with entire worlds to play them in. Some games lasted only a session, others for nearly a decade, and those adventures will stay with my players and I forever. I was hooked. That's why we play. To tell incredible, memorable stories together. And that's also why 4 years ago I asked a group of friends to try D&D with me online with a campaign called Curse of Strahd. My life would never be the same. We played it weekly for over 3 years and through the pages of that adventure, I became something else. I became a games master, the culmination of 42 years of storytelling. I found my calling, I found my passion. There's an empty seat at my table, and I would be honored for you to join me on an incredible adventure! Welcome to the table!

GM style

Attention to detail. World building. Memorable characters. Voice acting. Exciting and challenging combat. Player driven adventures. Heart and humor. Fair and knowledgeable. Rule of cool over rules. Role playing at all levels from 1-20 and beyond. First game or millionth. All are welcome at my table as long as you respect and support the game, each other and myself.


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