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Hello, My name is Ashton aka Bujinmar The Dungeon Master... I consider myself a unique individual who enjoys video games, world design, and map designs, and character creation, I have been playing and dm/gm games since 2015 and I have used and setup roll20, beyondvtt, foundryvtt, ect. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Software - foundryvtt VOIP - Discord /foundry Audio - Syrinscape Character Creation - DnDbeyond I aim to make every game a unique experience that brings everyone joy in there own way, I have some unique game rules I add to enhance that experience. Unique Rules - nat 20/double damage - nat 1 - may hit a friend or break something, Drink a potion as an action is max roll as a bonus action is a rolled dice, Fast encounters will be dex based, long encounters will be rolled.

GM style

Step into my realm and meet the Dungeon Master you've been seeking. I am a creator of worlds, a weaver of stories, and a passionate aficionado of roleplay and game design. Every week, I embark on a journey to craft immersive adventures that will transport my players to realms unknown. Roleplay is my heart's delight, and I yearn to see your characters come to life. Your stories and choices will mold the very fabric of the adventure. As you navigate the dilemmas, forge alliances, and face adversaries, I'll be there to breathe life into every interaction, allowing the world to respond to your whims and actions. So, gather your courage and your imagination. Assemble your characters, each one a unique reflection of your creativity. Prepare to traverse the realms of fantasy, to uncover hidden secrets, and to inscribe your names into the annals of legend. Together, we shall craft tales that will resonate through time, and through the crucible of adventure, we shall emerge as kindred spirits bound by the magic of shared storytelling. Will you heed the call?

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