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About me

Hello! I go by The Daily Dungeon Master, or Daily DM. I have been a dungeon master for over 25 years and have DM'd for every addition since first edition AD&D. I am always known as the forever DM because I rarely play. Why is that? Well, because I really love to DM! It is my passion and, as at least I've been told, because I'm good at it. I love doing adventures of all kinds. I've done pre-published stuff, of which I own everything wizards of the Coast has put out for 5e, I have tons of first and second edition stuff that I convert over to 5e, and I love creating homebrew stuff. I will also cater to your playstyle! Like combat? I'll give you combat. Like puzzles or role play? I'll give them to you. Like your background to be integrated into the story? Done. I have done and will do it all. Let's adventure together!

GM style

I do it all. I love doing role play, character voices (I've been told my kobold voice is a good laugh!) are always a blast for me to do, just about everything. The biggest thing that I like to do is to integrate backgrounds into stories. Otherwise, I tailor the game to the play style of my players. I'm not going to throw a bunch of role playing at a group that loves combat more than anything. I'm not that kind of DM.


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