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Paul Parnell, DM of the Dust World Podcast from The RPG Empire
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About me

Hi I'm Paul Parnell the Creative Director of the RPG Empire. I'm a Creator, Writer, DM, and Player making roleplaying content for your inspiration and entertainment. I love RPGs and have a background in screenwriting, acting, game creation and I've been playing RPGs for more than 20 years. I even had Dave Arneson one of the creators of DnD, as my collage professor and had the opportunity to play a Dungeons and Dragons game DMed by him. :O Some shows I've created: Dust World RPG Podcast: An anime-inspired post-apocalyptic sci-fi western actual play RPG podcast about a group of flawed individuals, the Boys, that are trying to stop Red Earth a mad dictatorship from taking over what's left of this rock. Found anywhere you can listen to podcasts. Strangers in the Pines: Strangers in the Pines is an actual play roleplaying podcast using the monster of the week rules, inspired by things like Gravity Falls, Stranger Things, and Twin Peaks. There is a town called Pine Forge nestled in the Blackwood national park in Northeast Oregon, USA. It seems small and quaint at first but if you spend enough time there and keep your eyes open you’ll realize something strange is brewing under the surface and in the pines that surround the town. Follow the exploits of 4 unusual high school students, Lucas Santiago a mutated meat monster, Dotty Luzhkov an earthy crunch girl blessed by the forest, Danny Fields a spooky kid with psychic powers and Chad Woodmore the 7th the heir to Woodmore Industries and a real jerk, as they try to unravel the mysteries of Pine Forge and the Strangers in the Pines. Found anywhere you can listen to podcasts.

GM style

I love role playing and making great stories with great people. I love creating opportunities for characters to grow and engage in very dramatic scenes but then also in epic grand scenes. I love making awesome NPCs the players love, and hate and everything in between. I create voices and overall an experience that is lead by the players desires and my skill to weave a fun and thrilling adventure. I mainly run narrative focused games like Powered By the Apocalypse games, but I am no stranger to DnD and other crunchy games.


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