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About me

I'm a theatre of the mind DM of over 10 years with experience in DnD 3.5, 4, and 5th Editions. I also run FFG Star Wars! I strive to make sure player Safety and comfort are at the forefront of every game, with the Rule of Cool being one of my favorite ways to DM. My games are very newbie friendly and I tend to focus on roleplay and narrative with character arcs and character driven stories. That said, I will work to accommodate any and all player types, so long as you don't make anyone at the table uncomfortable or anything like that. My ultimate goal is to help you and the rest of the table have fun creating a story with and for each other!

GM style

I am a roleplayer through and through! I do my best to immerse my players into the world around them through narration, description, character voices, improv, and acting. At my table, you will be treated as an equal and will be encouraged to create and tell the stories that *you* want to tell with the characters *you* want to bring to life! I will work with you from the start to make sure you feel comfortable and have fun at my table, no matter how experienced you may or may not be! I will always take steps to ensure you are safe at my table.


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