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About me

Hey, I'm Pete, known online as StenBjorn! I run Stone Bear Crafting, a business dedicated to painting miniatures, 3d printing, building terrain, writing adventures, and helping customers have an awesome gaming experience! I've been playing D&D since family introduced me to the game in the late 80s. I have played and Game Mastered through a multitude of editions, learned other game systems, and never stopped loving storytelling through games - and hanging out with cool people! It's very important to me that everyone is welcome at my table. I'm happy to teach and believe learning is constant, and that when we're sitting at the table, we're all working together as a team. In that spirit, I don't tolerate bigotry of any sort. I want my games to be a safe space for group fun and growth and amazing storytelling!

GM style

I'm a flexible Game Master who specializes in custom, unique, character-first stories. Massive, fast paced, dramatic battles and challenging social and exploration encounters are my bread and butter. I'm good with voices and embodying NPCs, I delight in creating campaigns that are very story and roleplay driven! I want you, your characters, and your choices to decide the story, but I'm going to give you an amazing backdrop to do that in! I love incorporating the history of D&D(and other TTRPGs) and real world mythology into my games, bringing the best things forward to create an awesome, unique experience for my players. I emphasize story and role-playing, but I also want to entertain you with interesting, exciting puzzles and challenging combats that are meaningful to the story. I really enjoy new design and adding fun layers like mech or ship combat, intrigue systems, base building, etc. and I'm constantly making custom maps and cool encounters. You'll see stuff with me that you can't find anywhere else!


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