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Hello, my name is Aaron but i usually go by "Spooky" online. I am based out of Vermont state and am 32 years old. I was a custodian for 11 years and decided to try a new avenue which can include my passions of ttrpg/board games and artist creation. I build maps for public use on Inkarnate and I also build tabletop terrain as well as sculpting. I have 3 years of GMing experience but am always looking to learn better storytelling and gameplay mechanics. I seek to try an bring new and interesting game styles, systems, and group activities to ttrpg. I mainly have experience with D&D 5e but with current changes happening, I will be looking into new systems including casual ttrpg and specifically games based around Studio Ghibli.

GM style

As a GM i am always looking to improve and run 18+ age group games. Personally, I tend towards the rule of cool over "As Is" and I like to reward players who attempt creative and alternative solutions. Some games may be strictly combat-based, but these will be one-shots. For campaigns, I will be using a saftey sheet with flags and cards. This allows the players to tell me what is acceptable to them, so I can create a story/world that fits within the groups expected limitations. Currently, i do not run any sci-fi games. During campaigns i usually focus on role-playing and offering players a wide variety of things to do. I try to take a sandbox approach with an outlined story arc, i believe this brings the best of both freedom and interest to the table.

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