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About me

I have been playing TTRPGs since about 1991. I started with a Lord of the Rings module Dawn Comes Early and it was way beyond my capabilities. So I kept reading and messing around with it but had no one to play with. Eventually I managed to scrounge up some victims in late 1992 and learned A LOT. I ended up buying a D&D Black Box which was D&D Basic Set rules. I played a lot of that but needed better rules so I quickly upgraded to AD&D 2nd Edition. I played 2nd Edition writing my own world and modules until 3rd edition came out. I waited about a year so I didn't use it until early 2001. That year I joined the military so I stopped DM for some time and ended up playing in RPGA for a bit. I did DM here and there but mostly a player. I completely skipped 4th edition but grabbed Pathfinder 1e and played and DMed a ton of that. I eventually got 5th edition when it came out. I began running games more and more but it wasn't until about 2016 that I really double down on 5th edition and began running more and more. I've been hard on 5e, buying every book and going hard into D&D Beyond. I've built a few homebrew worlds but lately have been running pre-built modules. I currently run a one shots and the occasional short modules.

GM style

I'm really into roleplaying options and allowing players multiple solutions to problems. I love lore and adding lore items to the story and world. I tend to improvise a lot on the spot, following up on player cues and desires. I am interested in telling a good story in collaboration with the players more than simply killing everyone.

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