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About me

Hello friends! I began playing TTRPGs with a small group of friends who had started off playing Magic: The Gathering. I have been playing DnD for 15 years and have been a DM for 10 years. The first time I stepped into the DM role was for an in-person table with nine players. Since then, I have run games online and in-person for groups of various sizes and levels of experience. I love introducing new players to DnD, and finding ways to ensure that veteran players continue to be surprised by the world they encounter in my games. My favourite part of TTRPs is the collaboration with the other people at the table, and how a character becomes part of the world as much as they are impacted by it. I would love to build a homebrew setting with my players where their deeds and choices inform the structure and history of the world for the future. When you are in a game with me, I want you to feel engaged in the adventure with me and your fellow players, and I want you to leave the table smiling, excited, and sometimes even worried about what will happen next. It is never just my story; its ours and your decisions as well as your character’s aspirations matter. I enjoy helping people who have less experience in TTRPG's explore the game in a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment. Please ask questions and share your ideas so we can make them come to life. Those of you that have played for longer will find challenges in my games that you've likely never seen before. I create my own special creatures for you to overcome and powerful artifacts to wield as rewards! If you have any questions about my games, my schedule, or anything else at all my inbox is always open. I look forward to creating stories together!

GM style

I love both combat and roleplay, and will make sure the balance of the game suits the preferences of our table. I run descriptive combats, and paint immersive pictures of locations and NPCs so that you can imagine the world your character is experiencing. Even when we are playing a module adventure, I make sure there is time for each character to have their own story, challenges, and successes. I enjoy changing up the existing stories so they are fresh for new players and veterans alike, creating my own roads that you may wander down, and helping clear the way when you make a path of your own!

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