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About me

My life has always revolved around the magical world of escapism, the thrilling art of pretending to be someone or something entirely different from who I truly am. Why stick to just one dull persona when I can explore endless possibilities? I felt like that’s what I needed to do so I could put a smile on the faces of everyone around me. Combine that with my passion for fantasy, mythology, reading, etc. It’s no wonder I was SO drawn to roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons and DC20. I’ve been a GM for 4+ years and I’m constantly expanding their repertoire of skills to give everyone at my table an enjoyable time. Outside of that, I am studying for my degree or practicing for my next game. With the occasional hobby of reading or gaming in order to wind down.

GM style

We are both Authors and Readers, Storytellers and Listeners in our own right. At my table, me and my players come together to enjoy experiencing a tale never before seen and never to be created again. Every person’s story is unique and just the same; the stories you make with other people will be extraordinary with all of our input. To create those stories, I keep combat and action scenes dynamic to keep from stunting the story. I make sure to hear what every player is looking for in a game so I can incorporate and focus on those, while keeping the plot moving forward and everyone excited for what comes next. The most important thing is not strictly adhering to rules or the game functions, but everyone having fun. Be someone you want to be in a place where you can escape from where you really are, doing what you dare to dream. I use Rule of Cool and Homebrew liberally to prioritize fun in sessions. I mainly use theater of the mind throughout adventures, with occasional maps of central locations and battle maps for critical battles.

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