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About me

Welcome to the place where we will Shape Eternity! D&D is my way to express my creativity as well as watch and listen to other peoples creative thoughts and actions! If you are looking for something different, you found the right person! I am off book. You think RAW, I think Homebrew! As a DM, I strive for the Improv role. If you choose to play in my homebrew worlds, you will be chain-free. No railroading. The world will be shaped from your actions and everything you do, even the tinniest choice might ripple out and change things forever. THE PLAYER is the priority and has the control in my campaigns as far as the story is concerned. You decide where, when, how, what, why and if you don't want to make that decision I will make it in your best interest and make it something that is related to your well written character. This means that there is lots of freedom given to the players and each group makes a unique story of their own. Maybe yours will epic, maybe dramatic, maybe you'll decide to be merchants and own a Kingdom. Your Imagination is the limit! I'm running games through an application called TaleSpire as well as Discord / or Guilded (If you prefer) for voice, music, digital reference photos, information and much more. I'm also an experienced battlemap maker and fantasy cartographer. Please Message me on Discord @ Shape#2939 and I will get back to you ASAP. I'm happy to answer any questions, so don't hesitate to contact me. If you're thinking of booking (especially for homebrew campaigns) please do so (or contact me) as soon as you can so we can discuss your ideas and thoughts on a campaign.

GM style

Writing/designing/building my own d&d adventures is my way to make you feel good. Just like a comedian is there to make you laugh, I am here to make sure you have a wonderful adventure! Now lets get in to how I choose to do that. I'm fond of harder games with a good balance of tasks that make you think on your feet. I want to challenge my players to be creative, think outside the box, and, most importantly, enjoy themselves. I use a variety of narrative tools to keep the session flowing smoothly and my players engaged. With that said, during session 0 I go over with all my players their play styles and how they would prefer to play the campaign. Making sure everyone is getting the enjoyment they are looking for. Ex: (20% RP, 50% Combat, 30% Puzzles) or how ever the players decide to word it. Then I take the total of all the players consensus and make a game that everyone will enjoy. I am here to strive for creativity as previously mentioned so HOMEBREW all the way! You want to use a DnD Class Image you found on google we will make it work. You want to use DanDwiki for races and or classes go for it! There is very little I will veto or deny. In addition I have also developed many homebrew mechanics and rulings over the years based on player recommendations that should improve and make your game feel more lively! Even though I can DM for large groups, I'd suggest groups of 3-5 players, for better player engagement. If you're a group of 2 or 8 and still want to play, we'll still make it work. My big difference between most DMs and myself is that "most" DM choose to spend their time on the Preset stories, Archs, and the DMNPCs and things of that nature. I choose to make your experience as information packed as you can handle. You want statistics, populations, land prices, standing / reputation, I take my time and do those things more than "most" DM as being an improv DM opens up more time to explore the information side of the world and make it to fit the players the best I can!

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