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Scott Uhls
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Highly rated for: Inclusive, Creativity, Storytelling

About me

I am the founder of Heeroic Studios Gaming, LLC, and the brain behind Maximum Apocalypse RPG, Beta Red RPG, The Few and Cursed RPG, and the Bureau RPG. I've been involved in TTRPGs since I was invited to play in a Shadowrun 3e Campaign in 2002, but have been involved with MTG, Choose-your-own-adventures, and Miniature Wargames well before that. I joined a vibrant V:TM Larp in 2003 and that locked RPGs as my main hobby forever. I'm an experienced Convention GM, running Call of Cthulhu, Shadowrun, and other games, and run campaigns for Hunter: The Vigil, Dune, Shadowrun, and D&D at my home table. I am also a smalltime writer, but mostly I work on my RPGs and adventures for them. However, I love Horror, Sci-fi, Urban Fantasy, and Post-Apocalypse stories, so you will find random pieces of work from me in those genres. I have a strict rule against any gaming over a PG rating without massive consent from the group. I run a friendly table, even when it's in the dark and dirty apocalypse. Let's make stories together!

GM style

I dislike railroading and believe in player agency. I don't like decisions that are forced and I enjoy making it a risk/reward situation, where a choice has consequences, both good and bad (which is not to say I like Success with Complications, which is a slightly different style). I prefer the "soft hand" approach to corralling players in a way to give everyone their desired level of involvement. The "story" of a game is the interaction between players and the plot points, so I'm okay with bending/redesigning a rule or two to make something "cool" happen (also known as the rule of cool). Plus I like when players solve problems in a creative way and will roll with whatever people come up with. I often see rules as more of a set of guidelines. Finally, I believe in the "Theater of the Mind" and generally prefer descriptions over maps, but I will reference maps when necessary. I just don't use really crunchy battle situations either.


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