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About me

I'm 36 year old disaster pansexual, and a professional writer and editor who has been in the TTRPG space for over 20 years. These games are my passion, I'm even a founder of a small streaming studio featuring a variety of games and systems. I love stories focused on characters and their development and the drama which ensues while they are growing through the story. I subscribe to an rp over combat style of storytelling. I also have a huge library of RPGs, so you can expect games outside of the usual staples of D&D and Pathfinder. I am strict in my enforcement of mutual respect and group fun at my tables. I require the use of consent forms and lines and veils, and work to create a welcoming and safe environment for POC and LGBTQ+ players. I'm also free and interested in running custom games, including games with adult content. Reach out to me with a request and I'll see if we can find a mutual free time. Please note that anything with adult themes may be limited in the number of players, and thus may cost more than my usual rate of $20.

GM style

I'm a story and character first GM. I love systems that have some crunch to them, but am always ready and willing to toss out the rules in favor of creating a moment that serves the story and the character's journey. I aim to make sure my tables are a safe, welcoming place for players (though they're rarely such for characters 😉), and insist on the use of consent forms, lines and veils, X Cards, and post-session Mental Health check-ins. I am willing to run games both via voice (I won't be on camera but players are welcome to be!), and via pbp/text, as I am a writer and editor.


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