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About me

Hey, I'm Roobee, and I'd love to go on an adventure with you! Introduced to RPGs as a child (thanks Shadowrun & Dragonlance!), I've experienced many epic fantasy games over the years. My favorite moments have always been when my characters directly affect the world they live in, so I'm determined to build my campaigns to be player-focused, and flexible enough to have your unique character ideas woven into a game world that grows with you. I run FoundryVTT with tons of detailed battlemaps, personalized tokens, immersive sounds, and more. Let's play!

GM style

My GMing is focused on player campaigning. The unique decisions made by our player characters will be an integral part of the story taking shape and growing in myriad ways. Rather than merely being placeholder protagonists in a story set on rails, our adventurers are willing and present participants in their own life stories, leading the narrator on to tell an advancing and evolving tale of their awesome exploits! As much as I love describing absolute badassery on the battlefield in graphic detail, violence is usually considered to be an option, rather than a necessity or eventuality. Of course, it wouldn't be an epic fantasy RPG without exciting action sequences, and there will definitely be plenty of chances to show off cool superhero skills (no spoilers ;D). If a sweeping, character-focused campaign sounds like your style, then let's get adventuring!

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