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I first learned about TTRPGs some time after D&D 3.5e had come out, so I had a lot of catching up to do at the time. However, as soon as I was exposed to the possibilities, the dam was broken and I was hooked. I've been in and out of groups since then, but when the pandemic began, I had nothing but extra time to play tabletop games. I started homebrewing my own content, running my own games, and making my own maps. I'm not satisfied with playing tropes or going with what's easiest. As a fantasy fiction writer, I want to tell stories that are engaging, breathtaking, and continue to surprise you at every turn. I like to keep things cohesive, but always allow my players to make their own choices, and face the consequences that may or may not follow. The story we tell together should feel like the result of the choices you make together. That's the game I want to create for you. I'm pretty flexible when it comes to the style and length of the adventure you'd like to play. From intense one-shots to elaborate campaigns spanning 2 years. I can run official modules, or invite your group to the setting of my world, Inaelia.

GM style

Immersion is my #1 priority in every game I run. I love to dream up unique and surprising situations that catch my players off-guard. I come to every session prepped and ensuring that everyone's questions are answered. I have a few ground rules to make sure everyone is comfortable, and some house rules to keep things interesting and allow for some additional player agency. I'm not great at voices, but I think I do well portraying the NPCs you'll meet along the way. I hate one-dimensional NPCs, so I try to make sure everyone has desires, goals, flaws, and relationships. I like to try and keep an equal balance between combat, roleplay, and logic. So you'll have plenty of opportunities for each. If one of these just isn't your thing, you won't be required to partake. But I can always adjust to give you more of what you *do* want. For the purposes of cohesive storytelling, I try to create character arcs that work in line with who they are, and ultimately, will tie into the main story arc.


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