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With over 25 years experience as a DM, I'm promising you a unique D & D experience with my ahem... "special" touch but also tailored towards your play group. I'd describe one of my campaigns as a mix between Zelda, Dark Souls, Final Fantasy and Adventure Time. Fair, balanced custom rules, unforgettable NPCs, exciting treasure and a host of NPCs both loveable and loathable. One of my mottos is "always get the villains down first." and I promise you some memorable struggles against a host of ridiculous yet repulsive beasts, barbarians and bastards. Don't jack around now - come roll on my table!

GM style

* All decisions and playstyles are accounted for (unless you're being toxic, then I'll tell you off - I'm an ex-teacher.) * I have a rich and established campaign world, but it's really just a handful of familiar tropes and twists on classic D & D. Also, it's been destroyed by an apocalypse and I need you to help me rebuild it. * Serious and silly tone shifting from Pratchett-esque parody, Lovecraftian horror, anime -style tropes and classic D & D shenanigans * No alignments, no true path, just meaningful consequences for your actions. *I like to ask the players to help paint the scene and flesh out the world through the use of establishing questions. But I also make sure the world is full of treasures and dangers to keep the adventure flowing! * Many factions to interact with and a core cast of NPCs you'll build relationships with and discover their secrets - or just murder everyone and take their treasure, it's up to you.

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