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About me

Dungeons & Dragons saved my life. As a shy, lonely kid I had a hard time making friends. In 1979 my mother stumbled across a copy of the original D&D Monster Manual and bought it for me thinking I would like the illustrations. I loved the pictures - but I was also fascinated by the descriptions that hinted at a living fantasy world, and mysterious statistics for every monster. Decoding that secret language introduced me to new friends who were drawn to this marvelous hobby. Come and share my love for the game that has meant so much to me!

GM style

STYLE 💌 Welcoming atmosphere for all experience levels ⚖️ Expert rules knowledge, flexible interpretation 🧭 Ultimate player agency - your choices shape the world 🎭 Full commitment to acting the NPCs ⚔️ Thrilling combat, meaningful social encounters 💬 Open pre- and post-game banter SOFTWARE 💻 Moderated custom Discord server 🎲 Roll20 games with official system integration 🎵 Music and ambience through Syrinscape and Kenku FM RESOURCES 📚 An extensive library of official rulebooks 🗺️ Personalized maps and game tokens 👩‍🏫 Weekly office hours for questions and chit-chat 🔏 Safety tools to ensure a fun, safe play-space


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