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About me

Greetings, fellow adventurers! I am Cake, your amicable facilitator of both in-person and online quests in the realms of Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition and the mysterious landscapes of Call of Cthulhu. I've been a storyteller my whole life, but about four years ago I fell in love with the TTRPG medium & I haven't looked back! Having honed my craft over this time as a GM & a player, I find an ongoing thrill in delving into these intricate worlds, constantly discovering the vast depths of knowledge they have to offer. It's truly been an enriching journey of personal growth and exploration. The art of creating adventures and crafting tales has captivated me since my childhood, evolving into the assembly of handcrafted campaigns and exploration of the intricacies found within WOTC, Third Party, & my Homebrew modules. Through these stories, I've found that my genuine passion lies in witnessing individuals unite, roll dice, and revel in the immersive worlds I facilitate. My foremost objective is to ensure that everyone, regardless of their level of experience or background, feels not only welcome but an integral part of the collective narrative. Join me on our collective journey through thrilling escapades, where laughter, challenges, and unforeseen surprises await. Together, we will co-create stories and forge memories that will endure as we navigate our humble corner of the gaming world. Let us embark on this memorable experience together, shall we?

GM style

I lean into rp, but I have to admit, I thrive on impactful & challenging battles/encounters. The players are the main characters & I'll be there to cheer on your accomplishments. When things get tough we'll get though it together.

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