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About me

Hi all! My name is Kirk and I've been running D&D games for over a decade now. I've run hundreds of sessions from one-shot adventures to full-length campaigns (the longest clocking in at 7 years). I've run games for one person all the way up to 8 players. I co-GM'd a massive one-shot "raid" in 2019 with fourteen players. All of this to say, I'm a flexible Game Master with plenty of experience. I enjoy all aspects of the game and work hard to provide an experience like no other for my players. More about me: I ❤️ D&D. I make maps and write adventures. During the day, I'm a software engineer. Coffee and books are important to me.

GM style

I enjoy every aspect of the game. I enjoy roleplay, tactical combat, maps, minis, theater of the mind, puzzles, traps, dungeon crawls, social, exploration, cities, etc. Because of this, I work with players to provide more of what they want. I'm happy to learn new platforms (VTTs) if requested.


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