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Old DM Frank

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Highly rated for: Knows the Rules, Creativity, Inclusive

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About me

Hello there! My name is Frank and I have been playing D&D for over 40 years (oh boy! That's a long time). I started playing in 1983 when my friends and I bought the original red box, not knowing what the game was about at the time. I just wanted to try something new and that red dragon on the cover looked SO cool. Since then, I've logged thousands of hours as a player and behind the GM screen running games for friends, family, local game stores, conferences such as GenCon and PAX, and professional games online. What to expect? - I bring to the table access to my DnDBeyond content and use the Beyond20 extension to push rolls on DnDBeyond to Roll20. - I prefer to run published modules but will heavily homebrew them and go off the rails for the stories to fit your character's backstories. - I spend many hours preparing for each session and you'll be able to tell - I bring lots of VTT maps from multiple sources and also lots of Roll20 addons and other fun stuff So, if you're looking for a group that's as much about role-play as it is about dungeon crawling, this is the place for you.

GM style

I favor roleplay and puzzle solving over combat. Don't get me wrong, combat is a lot of fun, especially at high level, but I will always reward players for roleplaying and solving encounters without violence. Sometimes a Demogorgon just wants a new friend. I always recommend to my players to play something fun and weird. It's ok if you don't have the most hit points or the highest strength score. Just play something fun and interesting. I don't have anything against people that min/max their build but if you pick Abyssal and Undercommon as a language, you better have the backstory to back it up. I also like to do silly voices (as best I can) but I don't expect that from my players (if they do they will get rewarded for sure).

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