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Bo - No Initiative

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About me

Hello Adventurers! I am a DM of over 10 years with DND 3.5, 5e, and BESM (If you know what this is, I am sorry.) I want to take you on a journey with friends and strangers alike through the stories of the Sword Coast that you have yet to make! I use Roll20 to run my games and would like to run full campaigns so each walk away with fulfilment and a story to share. But don't take my word for it, I stream and record my game so you can watch and witness some of my storytelling and DM stylings. Catch my videos at: Stream at: If you wish to stream your games so friends and family can watch or just have them recorded so you can relive your story we can do that too! I look forward to meeting you adventurer and seeing what narratives we craft together!

GM style

Roleplay and detail oriented I adore doing voices and viscerally describing a scene to help put you in the moment. I love for you to get in on the action too! I encourage my players to get more into the storytelling and describe or visually alter their spells, the aspects of their attacks or even how they parry, block, or dodge a blow. Fun first, rules second.

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