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About me

Perception check: ✔️ Success! You have spotted a Dungeon Master that will lead you through heaven and hell! 🔻With over 500 games through SPG alone, I'm here to unleash new worlds upon you, with tales and adventures you have never seen before. You want dungeon crawling? Post-apocalyptic world of surprises? Exploration combined with survival? Romance and drama? Political intrigue and faction conflict? War time action? Mysteries to uncover? I can cover all your fantasy needs. 🔻With proficiency in homebrewing and expertise in world-building, I'm a master of challenges. My homebrew worlds will test your wits, give you new exciting creatures you never fought before, feats, spells and magic items out of the ordinary. Veteran players will feel the challenge of facing the unknown and new players will be forged through fire and flames, to rise as heroes! 🔻I'm running games through Foundry VTT with Discord for voice and music. I'm also experienced battle-map maker and fantasy cartographer. 🔻I'm a bit on the strict (or selective) side when it comes to sourcebooks because I want to keep the fantasy worlds more believable and less of "let's throw everything in there" . 🔻Occasionally I run free promotional one-shots for premade groups, so if you'd like to try me out, ask me in a DM! I'm happy to answer any questions, so don't hesitate to contact me. If you're joining one of my on-going games, please be advised that last minute (meaning day) sign ups do not give enough time for preparation of your introduction to the game, especially when we're talking about homebrew world when you might not know what's going on there! In those case you can spectate (for free) the session and prepare for the next.

GM style

I'm always fond of balanced games that involve a bit of everything. Variation makes session flow easier and players tend to never get bored. With that said, I can do more combat/tactics heavy or more roleplay heavy ones. If you choose to play in my homebrew worlds, you will be chain-free. No railroading. The world will be shaped from your actions and everything you do, even the tinniest choice might ripple out and change things forever. This means that there is lots of freedom given to the players and each group makes a unique story of their own. Of course, sometimes I would suggest certain options over others to have a smoother session (for example, not splitting the group). Maybe yours will epic, maybe dramatic, maybe you'll decide to be merchants and buy everyone else. In case of premade adventures, that is not applying, but I'll do my best to add flexibility to those as well. I'm a DM that favors realism with a tone of coolness. I value players who play the game as an alive story, rather than as a video game. I love players who will roleplay their characters with the rest of the group, who will interact with the world and inquire about it, but also players who will try to use various tactics in combat, instead of repeating a cantrip or a basic attack. Even though I can DM for large groups, I'd suggest groups of 5 players, for better player engagement.


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