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About me

Hi there! I'm an experienced dungeon master with a passion for running DND 5E games. I've led countless sessions and even had the opportunity to publish some of my own game designs and writing! What's most important to me is making sure that all my players feel safe and have fun in a welcoming and inclusive environment. Safety is the upmost priority for me and as such I have a strict policy against misuse of safety tools and/or joking about them; both are dismissible offenses. Come join me on an adventure that's sure to leave you eager for the next game!

GM style

My DM style is characterized by collaborative storytelling and a focus on character-driven narratives. I believe in sharing the narrative space and encouraging player input to create a dynamic and engaging game world. I strive for an even balance of roleplay, combat, and exploration, keeping my games exciting and varied. I aim to strike a balance between improvisation and pre-session preparation, allowing for flexibility in response to player choices and actions while still ensuring a cohesive and engaging story.


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