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About me

Hello, welcome to my profile. I have been game mastering since I first got into TTRPGs in '03; In fact, most of my time with TTRPGs has been spent being a game master. I started with the release of D&D 3.5. and quickly transitioned to mostly running GURPS as my favorite system since it was more flexible for playing my own worlds. However, I have long since moved into preferring games based more on fictional engagement than system engagement. I prefer to run Fate Core for heavy powers & awesomeness and Powered by the Apocolypse games like Thirsty Sword Lesbians and Monster of the Week for messier and more emotional games. It is unusual to find combat-oriented games at my table as I prefer mystery, thrillers, horror, and politics to any brawler. I adore indie games and am always interested in fun, wacky, and zany one-shots or short campaigns. I always have far more games that I have backed or purchased than I have been able to play. Even outside of games, I am an avid roleplayer and love collaborative storytelling and writing. Navigating fictional worlds and exploring characters and their challenges is one of my favorite past times. I hope you will join me for it! I use Roll20 as the virtual tabletop and Discord for chat, audio, and video. I prefer "video on," but understand and respect when that is not desired. I live in Las Vegas and am also available for in-person games. Safety tools are essential to me; All games start with Lines & Veils and have the X Card. I also support using Script Change and Open Door, which is the assurance that someone can leave or take a break for any reason without being judged. I am a queer & trans woman, and this shapes the worlds I help create with players. While not all games I run are themed around queer liberation, you should expect normalization of queer, PoC, and differently-abled lifestyles. Themes like sexism, racism, ableism, and various phobias will generally not be allowed.

GM style

➡️ Narrative-focused play that keeps rolling and combat meaningful. ➡️ I strive to be the biggest fan of your character and stories. ➡️ I want to help you do silly, cool, and fun things. ➡️ Safety & Fun over Continuity & Rules. ➡️ An accepting and open environment for all at the table. ➡️ I am horrible with voices 🤣

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