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Stephanie Bryant (mortaine)
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Highly rated for: Inclusive, Creativity, Storytelling

About me

Hello, prospective adventurer! You've come to the right place to find a facilitator for your role-playing journey! ME AND MY STYLE: i've been running games since the 90's, and have been a game designer since 2010. I tend towards light-hearted games with heavy role-play, and fights that are meaningful. I run a lot of Powered by the Apocalypse systems, such as Thirsty Sword Lesbians, Brindlewood Bay, and my own game, Threadbare. I also run Fate, Gumshoe, and Dramasystem. I have a monthly Indie One-Shot series to showcase individual smaller games. Some bona-fides: I wrote Threadbare RPG, several adventures including Ennie-winner Can't Sleep Clowns Will Eat Me, co-authored Mx Universe (a non-binary/trans fashion pageant LARP game) and 20 years worth of technical documentation. I am very good introducing new players to the hobby in general, whether that's in D&D 5e/Adventurer's League, or in one of the many many many game systems that are lighter mechanically and more accessible to new folks. In particular, if you're a woman or non-binary person (NB of all stripes) or a group thereof who are looking for a great introduction to role playing games with a non-threatening, supportive female GM, please get in touch! I love introducing new players to the hobby, and have a great track record for inclusive, beginner-friendly games. IN-PERSON GAMES? In addition to running games online, I'm located in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am available for in-person groups and one-shots, if all players are fully vaccinated for covid-19. I'm willing to do bachelor/bachelorette parties in person if all players are fully vaccinated. For everyone's safety, I will bring a non-participating partner with me to any in-person parties at hotel rooms and any bachelor parties regardless of venue. CUSTOM TIME SLOTS: If you're looking for a custom time slot, you can find my full availability on Calendly: (note that this is my consulting page, not my pro-GM page; please book your game via StartPlayingGames; this link is just for transparency on availability.) ACCESSIBILITY: You can request accommodation for your disabilities! Here are just some of the possible options available: * 📃 PDF character sheet provided in advance * 👂 Closed captions enabled (we would use Zoom instead of discord in this case) * 🔤 Text-only game (available for custom games and times) * 🎲 Online or offline dice rolling * 🦺 Safety tools for mental health safety * 🕐 Shorter sessions (2-3 hours). Can build in breaks if requested. * 📹 Video on or off-- you decide

GM style

I tend to be narrative-focused and really enjoy running systems like Powered by the Apocalypse, Fate, Gumshoe, Dramasystem, and Fiasco. I run a monthly indie one-shot. I love role-play and non-combat solutions to problems. I use safety tools like the X Card, Script Change, Open Door, and Lines and Veils. I typically have a lead time of about 2 weeks for a booking, to give me time to schedule and prep your session. I previously worked for Roll20, so I use that for sessions where we need more than a voice connection and dice. I live in Las Vegas and am also available for in-person games, with safety protocols in place.

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