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Michael DeBondt

2 years on StartPlaying


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Highly rated for: Creativity, Teacher, Storytelling

About me

Ever since I started running games back in 2010, I knew I found a new passion. Crafting worlds, raising villains, telling stories, all while at the mercy of the dice and players. I have had my fair share of experiences as a player, but for me nothing truly beats the feeling of running an adventure for a group of players. Most of my experience revolves around playing in High Fantasy worlds of my own creation (5 worlds & counting). However I have run everything from advanced Sci-fi to the gritty "Classic" style of D&D. Playing in established 3rd party settings, one shots, and even other people's homebrew worlds. I have run D&D 4e & 5e, Pathfinder, Fantasy Flight Star Wars, You are the Dungeon, Dread, and am always willing to step into a new ruleset and explore what it can offer. All I want to do is make a story come alive. It doesn't matter much to me where the story is told. I hope we can explore some wonderful worlds and make a few spectacular stories together.

GM style

I run what my players want. Whether that be gritty mechanics based combat or a heavy roleplay themed game. Regardless of theming though, I will always try to immerse my players into the world they are playing in. Through voices, music, descriptions, and realistic NPC interactions, world engagement is what I specialize in. At my table you can expect to find a good chunk of home-made maps using digital map makers, music cues and background tracks, a proficient understand and use of the Roll20 VTT, and a guy who is not shy to commit to NPC voices. I do prefer to stick to RAW for the most part, but of course the rule of cool trumps all and I am no stranger to establishing rule changes in order to facilitate the tone of the campaign. I love to introduce new mechanics, of my own and community creation, into campaigns to play around with and enhance the thematic tone.


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