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About me

Hi, I'm Dana, and I love making my players shine! My games are player-driven, character-first, and consent-focused. Oh, and always more than a little queer. I run a wide variety of RPGs, ranging from the absurd to the heartbreaking to the suspenseful to the sublimely beautiful. I've run lots of games at conventions and other meetups across North America and beyond. I love meeting new people and introducing them to an awesome game they've never played before! At my table you can expect lots of "yes, and", lots of in-play character development, and plenty of difficult (and fun) character choices. I've got decades of experience running great games -- join me!

GM style

I have many years of experience GMing for new and veteran players alike. Either way you can expect to be encouraged and challenged to play your character to the hilt. My objective in running games is always to make my players shine! My GMing style is highly improvisational. I take what you give me and use it to guide the story, trusting you to follow up. I use NPCs to spotlight the PCs rather than to tell the story. I use my prepared material as a starting point, not a railroad. The story will always be about your character. Your character will always be a headliner, never just watching things unravel. I am a strong believer that the well-being of each player involved is more important than the game. I use safety and consent tools with every game, and my table has zero tolerance for any consent violations.


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