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About me

My alter ego is an enginneer who used to carry titles such as "QA Analyst" and "Test Analyst" until a council of scholars made him a "Teacher" of a higher learning institution in the far south. "Storyteller", however, is the title that wasn't given me, it's the path I chose. First started playing TTRPG's around my 12 years of age and have been in love with worldbuilding, fantasy,science fiction and everything in between ever since. My experiences include 3D&T, D&D, Pathfinder, World of Darkness, Call of Cthulhu, Traveller and frankly, quite a lot more. Currently I'm running campaigns using D&D 5e (both in the Forgotten Realms and in one of my homebrew worlds, called Ellorim) using mainly Discord, D&D Beyond and Foundry VTT.

GM style

TTRPG's are about imagination, creativity - about taking us from our seats and into the fantastic lands built by our own minds and words. Beyond description, I also like to use maps, music and any other media I can find to improve on everyone's experience. I view system rules as clear yet intangible guidelines - player experience must come before number crunching. I also have my own homebrew rules and a few worlds of my own I can bring to the table. During campaigns, I like to follow player progress through story beats/milestone rather than experience counting and I enjoy bringing as much of the player characters' backgrounds as I can into the main story for added spice. I'm available for booking for most of the official 5e published campaigns. Homebrew campaigns have to be discussed in a case by case basis. If you're interested in setting up a game, send me a DM, let's talk about it! All are welcome.

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