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About me

I've been gaming, almost, since the beginning. I'm an industry writer that also teaches master classes on creative writing, helping independent creators get their novels, screenplays, comics, and games in shape for publication. I'm here on Startplaying for a specific reason. To build and run a campaign where I leverage an entire career of expertise into a VTT experience. Specifically, my love of horror fiction. There are a lot of talented DMs out there. I won't say I'm better than anyone... I will say, I'm here with 100% passion and dedication to giving my players MY BEST--to give you an escape from the everyday so enjoyable, that it perhaps, disrupts your everyday... just a smidge.

GM style

Bad acting. Bad voices. Crazy elaborate story. Deep characters. And a wicked good time. I deliver custom story/gaming experiences thought out to nigh obsessive ends. Every adventure, campaign, and setting concieved with meticulous attention to detail. A homebrew spin is possible on just about anything. The goal is not to improve the official take, but to increase the personal flavor and fun factor of OUR GAME. I believe the best games flow from bulletproof story structure where the improv nature of role-playing works *in synergy* with that structure. **The story dictates where you go, the improv and freedom of play dictate how you actually get there.** As an OG DM, all the low level adventures I run take place underground. Surface exploration and more sandboxy play is earned as you level. I shoot for a balanced game, but see strategic combat as the most fundamental element of the RPG. My combats are not hack and slash fests reduced to simply die rolls and math. **My goal as a story teller is to make you feel like you're there clashing iron, summoning magical energies, avoiding the foul breath of your opponent. My goal as a DM is to make that all a ton of fun.** ### I'm a demanding DM. I require that you use your brain at all times AND you reap what you sow. - I kill PCs. - I'll break your favorite weapon. - Remember you left your sack of gold on the bar counter three hours earlier... yep, it's gone. **I don't want PCs to suffer**, but what I've learned over many years of DM'ing, is that the harder the task, the sweeter the reward. When character misfortune is a real possibility, you gain a real sense of satisfaction surving adventures and leveling up. > That said, **I WILL** be fair. Rest assured **I WILL** NOT throw you into no-win scenarios or beset with impossibly difficult tasks. ***Don't spread it around town, but I want you guys to succeed!**** **What I expect of Players:** - Show up. - Pay. - Have fun. - I get sometimes wanting to do your completely own thing, or even outsmarting the DM, just don’t actively work to undermine the narrative, OR the tables fun. - Feel free to give me feedback. Any feedback.


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