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About me

I love board games, tabletop roleplaying games and telling stories! I've played Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, and Star Wars Saga Edition for years with the same group of friends. In 2020 I started playing Tales From The Loop, Mutant Year Zero and ALIEN RPG, all of which I'm really enjoying. Whatever game I play, I hope to bring you a fun and engaging experience.

GM style

I love good atmosphere in a game, moments of tension and not knowing what is behind the next door. My games focus on immersion, player engagement, having fun, and playing by the rules. I especially like running the Cinematic games for ALIEN because they are so tense and stressful. I also like how the ALIEN Cinematics have a definite end to them. I've run Hope's Last Day, a one-shot cinematic, several times and every time it's an absolute blast! I ran the Star Wars RPG by Fantasy Flight Games since its release in 2013 and I am excited to add it back in to my list of games. The Star Wars Universe has changed a lot since then, but I look to bring that "sci-fi hero" feeling to long-time fans and new-comers alike. If you're looking for a Family Friendly/All Ages game then you may like Tales From The Loop. It's fun and easy-to-play game system that is heavy on the 80s nostalgia. The game is "rules-lite" which allows the gameplay to move along quickly. It's a great entry level game to Year Zero Engine system used in ALIEN.. I use Foundry VTT for the gameplay, and have a private Discord server that will be used for our voice chat and banter.


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