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I am an experienced and mature DM. Newbie and family-friendly, and LGBTQ+ and POC inclusive. I specialize in running D&D5e in the Forgotten Realms. I love the slow burn and the surprise reveal of a good mystery and the desperate joy of surviving an impossible situation. I usually run games using Discord or Google Meet for communication and Foundry with minimal automation for maps or Theater of the Mind. I am committed to making my games accessible! Please let me know if you need * Text Only (With or Without Images/Maps) * Audio Only (Theater of the Mind) * A non-login option on the Virtual Table Top (Foundry). I can cast the Table Top into Google Meets and move your character around the map while you roll using DnDBeyond or your own dice. * Play by Post. * Something I haven't thought of. What I provide for my players: * A PG-13, Safe for Work experience; clearly defined and reinforced rules and safety tools. * Individuals under 18 may join alongside a participating adult. * Gaming customized to your needs and communication requirements. * Smaller groups: I limit my table size to a maximum of 5 for public games. This gives everyone a chance to shine and receive any personal attention they need. (Private games; family and friend groups, may be larger by request.) * Personal one-on-one help learning the rules and mechanics as well as with character and backstory creation as needed. * A customized gameplay experience that integrates your character into long-term storylines. Even when the game is based on published materials. * A consistent schedule: I will be prepared and ready to go on time, every time, barring natural disasters or illness. * If player cancellations reduce our numbers too much, or will result in a disruption of the story, I will do a one-shot for the remaining characters, and maybe some guests so that the fun can continue, even while the story is on hold. * Interesting stories, challenging puzzles, and complex NPCs. Every encounter has multiple possible outcomes and every choice affects the world. * Optional homebrew expansion related to downtime, foraging, crafting, tool kits, and gaming sets. Additional items include plants, books, and magical items, New animals for your wild shape and companions, and animal training. * Google docs for homebrew and notes that you can reference at the table or between sessions. * Special events like fairs, circuses, rodeos, and carnivals. * I will act as a mediator between players who have issues if necessary. * Disruptive and offensive individuals will be removed from the game and replaced as appropriate. * You can contact me via Discord or anytime and I will respond within a day. (Except perhaps Mondays and Saturdays.) * The whole group can roleplay, chat and share information between games via our private Discord channel on my Discord server. What I expect from my players: * Create a character that will be fun for other players to play with and who fits into the story and the setting. Don't worry about balancing the party or dealing huge amounts of damage. We are telling a story and imperfections are interesting. * Cooperate with your fellow players. * Show up on time, ready to play, or notify me well in advance. * If you disagree with a ruling, do so politely and calmly, and then let it go. I will look into it later and if I agree with you, the rule may change going forward. If I don't agree with you, holding up the game by arguing isn't going to change my mind. * Be polite, compassionate, and kind to your fellow players. Allow others to finish speaking before interrupting and allow others to answer questions directed to them, rather than answering for them. Mute your mic when someone else is speaking. * If someone asks you to stop doing the thing; Stop. Do not argue or try to convince them they are wrong. * Sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ageism, ablism, and racism are not okay. They may occur in the world of the game, but they are viewed in a negative light by civilized people- A problem to be fought. * Do not talk about real-life politics or religion at my table. * Please tell me if you have any issues, in character or out of character, that are interfering with your enjoyment of the game or your ability to attend. * Stay in character during game time. You do not have to roleplay in the first person. You do not have to voice act. You should, however, try to be inside your character's head, not your own. Please let me know if you have trouble with this. I can help.

GM style

* I like to play by the rules as written, but I do add to them sometimes (Ask to see my Google Doc of table rules) * I expect the characters in my games to fit the setting because I am always thinking of ways to work them into the setting and the story. * I am all about collaborative storytelling. I do not care about how well your character does in combat as much as what your character is bringing to the story. If all you care about is combat, I'm going to bore you anyway. * I love puzzles and mysteries and red herrings and plot twists. * My NPCs are complicated and they all have a price. * My D&D5e games are exclusively in the Forgotten Realms. With a little bit of Feywild, Shadowfell, and other overlapping planes of existence. * I do not tolerate bullying, real-life politics or religion, excessive swearing, or derogatory language at my table. * I love to use sound effects and music. * Visual effects are also cool, but I don't like to get too flashy and start slowing down peoples' systems. * I don't use a lot of automation because I feel like it ruins the classic tabletop gaming feel and many of them require you to constantly check they're working right anyway. My GM Influences * I have a degree in Cultural Anthropology. This affects the way I approach the characters, stories, and locations in my games. * I am a farmer/homesteader. * I was an animal trainer for many years. * I am a mom and have been for nearly 30 years. I started running games for my kids 20 years ago. I continue to run games for friends and family. I welcome kids to my table, as long a parent comes too. * I am a big fan of Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, and Dianna Wynne Jone. I allow the following books in my D&D 5e games. The Player's Handbook The Dungeon Master's Guide The Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide Xanathar's Guide to Everything Volo's Guide to Monsters Mordekainen's Tome of Foes The Tortle Package


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