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Hello! I'm Cassie (she/her), the Game Mistress for The Lovelycraftians Podcast. A long history of love for horror stories and collaborative storytelling has led me to be a Call of Cthulhu player for the last 5 years and GM for the last 3. In that time, I've dabbled in several other horror systems, including Delta Green, Vaesen, Tales from the Loop, and some very spooky games of DnD. At my table, you can expect everything from cosmic horror, supernatural horror, body horror, and existential horror, and if I can find a way to make them all happen at once, I'm only too happy to. That said, table safety and consent are chiefly important to me, and I will do my utmost to make sure everyone is having a terrifying time safely together.

GM Style

Highly interactive with players. Your in-game wish is my command, though like any djinn, you may not always like the results. Plot armor/immunity is not a thing at my table, though I make sure any character loss or potential character loss is communicated ahead of time and that it will serve the story.

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