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About me

What's up! My name is Landon and running Dungeons and Dragons for people like you is my life's passion. I've been DMing since my Freshman year of college (gotten a hell of a lot better since then haha) and ran Quest Chests (a 5e D&D content page over on Instagram) for the past 5 years. Here's what I prioritize at my tables to make sure you have the best experience possible: - Fun takes priority over the rules. Gotta respect the rule of cool! - Everyone gets their turn to do something epic and participate in the action. If you're shy or have a hard time speaking up, know that I will always make sure you have your moment. - Fast paced storytelling that skips past a lot of the boring stuff (like roleplaying with every shopkeeper or long travel) so we can get to the fun stuff like exploring dungeons and killing monsters! - I homebrew a lot! Coming up with wacky magic items, new spells, cool class feats/abilities, and new types of monsters is my favorite part of the game. If you play with me, you'll see something new at every session! I hope my passion and respect for this game comes through here. I take this game seriously because I know how lame and boring it can be when your DM doesn't! If any of this sounds like your jam, I hope you'll trust me to run the best game of Dungeons and Dragons you've ever been in!

GM style

My GMing style is built around 3 simple pillars: - Timers |D&D is at it’s best when there is a sense of tension, and the best way to do that is to use timers. On several occasions throughout the night you’ll see me roll a d4 and say something along the lines of, You’ve got 3 rounds until the goblins attack the town!” or, “In 1 round, this whole room is going to be filled with lava!”. Super fun way to keep the action high and the story moving forward. 
 - Threats | Most of the time this will be a monster, but I like to incorporate some sort of threat into roleplaying and exploration encounters when I can! This could take the form of a pickpocket who tries to snag your coin purse while you’re negotiating with the shop keeper, a terrible storm that threatens to blow your tent and supplies away, or a tense negotiation with the mayor that could tarnish your reputation in town. Basically, I love obstacles in your way so you can overcome them because that’s what heroes do. 
 - Treats | Whenever my players are successful in an encounter (be it combat, roleplaying, or exploration), you can bet your ass there’s going to be a cool treat waiting for you. It might be gold or a magic item, but it could also be a new piece of world lore, an improved reputation in the town/region, or access to a guild’s secret teleportation circle! If this sounds familiar it’s because I got it from Hankering Ferinale over at Runehammer! That dude is a genius and you should check him out on YouTube.


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