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About me

Greetings, thanks for considering me to GM your game! Dungeons and Dragons was my gateway into the world of TTRPGs back in 2016. My whistle was wetted, but I hadn't begun my full-on addiction yet. In 2019, some friends were looking for a GM to run a 5e game for them, and I jumped at the opportunity. The first game was a crazy train wreck of epic proportions that was some of the most fun I have ever had. I haven't stopped playing or GMing since, buying and absorbing every game I could get my hands on until I amassed quite the collection and began production on a game of my own. I have Design experience with my own TTRPG and video games as well as a bachelor's degree in creative writing. My passion is telling and experiencing stories through improv and the mechanics of TTRPG's and I'm excited to share that with you.

GM style

Players that choose me as a GM should expect the following: * A comfortable, virtual game room welcome to all. * Complete and total narrative freedom with regard to open-world campaigns. (Certain rules must be followed, and personal lines must be respected.) * Collaborative worldbuilding. Backgrounds and origins will be added to the current open-world setting. * Improvisation-heavy style. Drawing maps as we play helps keep gameplay fast and loose. * Music and ambiance are provided through Spotify and KenkuFM. * 3 Pillars support. Swashbuckling exploration, fulfilling social encounters, and intense tactical combat. * "Danger Room" support. Improvised combat encounters not connected to the normal campaign narrative to practice and test builds. * 1-on-1 session for tutorials, prequels, sidequests, or prologue games.

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