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About me

After twenty years experience running a variety of games including regular learn to play D&D at a board game cafe in London, and a range of learners games at conventions, I like to think I know something about something. In 2022 I started a YouTube channel where I discuss my philosophy of story over mechanics in role playing games, and, full disclosure, I explain why I'm not the biggest fan of D&D RAW. So don't expect much dungeoneering from me but if you prefer a more collaborative story driven role play heavy game where the rules are more like guidelines I am the GM for you. I'm a writer, filmmaker, and all round creative nerd whose personal favourite TTRPG is FATE but when the chance to start a game comes up I'm always interested in trying a new system.

GM style

I like to build a game from player backstories, creating a personal story driven by the characters goals. I don't expect players to constantly be in character or to perform like professional actors (I certainly am not), just that they understand that making decisions in character will be rewarded more than battle strategy. I homebrew extensively, writing largely session to session, so every game is completely unique and crafted by the players, not to be repeated. As a writer I have found I can improvise around the players interests smoothly and build on their ideas rather than walk them through my own. Expect largely theatre of the mind style player driven stories, with a lot of improvisation where the players every decision can change the entire drive of the game in more ways than they might expect. Fully admit my style won't be for everyone, don't expect me to deploy a lot of mini's on a map, but if you want a more social led experience I hope I can provide a deep story to get stuck into.


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