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About me

In the ancient days before the coming of the internet, we would gather in dark, secluded places to roll rune carved stones as we shared stories of adventures. Time passed without meaning as the sun faded from the sky, at times, only to rise again before the telling of tales was complete. I'm Keith. Long time gamer, full time martial arts instructors and author. I played my first TTRPG game in 1983, and have been GMing games ever since. I've run my share of published adventure material, but my preference is to build a unique adventure for each group of players. How the story develops is based on the actions of the characters and the goals of the players. I believe the game table should be fun for everyone. We gather together to escape into a world of fantasy, mystery and adventure, and we should enjoy ourselves while we are doing it. If you want to see what my GM style is like, check out the actual play of our Urban Fantas/Horror game using the Cypher System rules at

GM style

I've gone through many GM phases. These days, I prefer to pick a system, create the basis of a setting, and then play to figure out what happens and what the rest of the world is like. I like the players to have input into where we are and what we do in the world. I try to develop the roleplay side of the game, and I recognize that there are many ways to roleplay a character. For one person that might be talking in a unique voice and acting in first person, while for another it might be describing your action in third person as if they are a narrator. If someone is unsure of how to begin, I will help them get started. My games tend to be built around roleplaying, explorations, combat and world building. I GM for heroes. Those unique entities that want to make their place in the cosmos a little better by their actions.


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