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About me

If you're looking for an engaging, unique D&D experience, then look no further! I'm kinda_grim, and I am a twitch streamer and father of 3. My number one goal is to make us all laugh and cry (sometimes simultaneously). Beginners and veterans alike are welcome. My games feature a healthy mix of intense, fast-paced combat and immersive role-play. I treat the rule-books as strong suggestions, and will usually allow both you and the dice to do the talking; praise the Rule of Cool! I am always looking for ways to incorporate your character's backstory into the narrative and really breathe some life into our world. I love to bring serious and somber moments to the table, but have also found that the absurd can oftentimes come together with the grave beautifully. If I've done my job, our games will feel like sitting with your friends at an IRL table! Let's tell our story together, and let the bards sing our songs for generations to come.

GM style

My goal as a GM is to find that healthy balance of having you laughing uncontrollably, on the edge of your seat, and ready to shed a tear at any moment. We are looking to have fun, let the good times roll and tell our story together. My players can always relax and be themselves, or anybody else that they wish to be for that matter! Beginners and veterans alike are welcome. One of my main focuses is creating and running interesting, challenging encounters and dungeons; you will need both brawn and brain to survive. Also, rest assured, because I have digital access to all Dungeons & Dragons 5e material, we have a massive catalog of enemies, scenarios and environments to share and choose from. This may also include homebrew if we have chosen to use it in a particular campaign. I am also very much into story-telling, as well as making your character's unique identity and perspective part of the story. We can work hand-in-hand to integrate your character's rich backstory into the plot if you so choose! I am very into improvisation and coming up with things off of the cuff as well; have at it! Also worthy of note, while I always love it when my table is laughing, I do my best to incorporate serious situations, choices and gray areas for the party. Buckle up. Lastly, while I do my best to stick to the rules and run things as written, the Rule of Cool shall always prevail! I will always choose to run things in the interest of what feels right and is the most fun for the table. If you have something outlandish that you would like to do (within reason), I am very likely to let you roll for it. We let the dice do the talking at my table. Be forewarned though, things are not always as they appear, and you may just get what you wished for.

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