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About me

Hey all! My name is Ian and I have been immersed in the world of Tabletop Gaming for as long as I can remember. While there are so many aspects of the hobby I adore, there is nothing else out there that both challenges you and invites you to take on the perspective of another person in quite the same way. Through roleplaying, I learned the real world. I have run tight, fast-paced adventures and sprawling campaigns. I have run finely crafted stories with clear protagonists and I have run games that are nothing but Sandbox. I was raised on the early 90s AD&D 1st and second hybrid but I have come to love so many different games and systems, and I'm always eager to learn how to play and run more. I love the idea of Custom Games. If there is an Idea in your head about a story you'd rather star in than write, I'd be interested in hearing about it and doing my best to make it happen!

GM style

I adapt to my players expectations. I have run games in a variety of different ways and there is no right or wrong way to play. I strive to make sure that every one of my players in having a good time, at whatever level of engagement they are most comfortable. When players are open to a new experience and ask me to run according to what I find most interesting, I love to push the limits of what games and systems can offer, encouraging players to grow beyond the familiar meta of personal combat and roleplay with strange NPCs, into new theaters of Mass Warfare, Ideological struggle, and Mystical Seekings that challenge the character as well as the player. Anything that you can imagine can be in a roleplaying game, and as such anything can provide a new opportunity for content and mechanics.

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