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About me

Hello there. I'm Jimlad, the forever DM who's come to love his status as an NPC over the years. I've been a DM for around 8 years, and run several great, long-term campaigns with the help of my wonderful players. Unfortunately, I enjoy it way too much, and any time anyone asks to play D&D I'm always the first to try to start new games and finally try some of my many campaign ideas. I'm a video game designer, I've experimented with making my own classes and subclasses in D&D, (But never felt the need to share them outside of my own games) and I love working with players to build unique characters that feel special, without outshining your fellow players. And I love giving you difficult, but fun challenges.

GM style

I enjoy working with my players to create truly unique characters that fit what they envision in their head, characters they'll remember for years to come with a blend of custom items, abilities, and spells. I'm adaptable and can handle anything thrown at me, and make it interesting and fun! * I run a good amount of combat, and I do my best to keep it running quickly and smoothly so it doesn't drag on. * I enjoy exploration, uncovering the secrets of the world to discover what's led to these current events be it in the distant past or the recent events. * I run some Roleplay, and while I'll admit it's my weakest skill. I still try my best to introduce you to new and interesting characters to befriend or fight. (Or both, I know how you adventurers work.) And while I love to throw deadly challenges at my players, I also love to see those challenges overcome. Don't expect a walk in the park.

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