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About me

I got my TTRPG start with D&D 5e but I've been an avid writer and roleplayer for many years besides. I'm hoping to provide an inclusive game where we can bend and stretch the rules in a way that's still cohesive and fun for everyone involved. I run active and engaging games in a custom campaign setting and I'm always willing to try to work with ideas players might have for character creation. I tend to use homebrew systems and mechanics in my games and due to that I will not recommend my games to brand new players. Otherwise, if you're looking for a fun game of D&D in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and don't mind a bit of homebrew, then I'm probably your guy.

GM style

I try to make make sure no matter what is happening, from long combats to intense roleplay scenes to odd tangents based on the listed prices for trade goods, that all of the players are having a good time and all players are feeling like they're involved with what's happening. As both a player and a gm I love combat, but more specifically interesting combat. I try not to have combat for combat's sake so the players have different ways to approach it other than the tried and true strategy of 'group up, and hit it 'till it dies.'


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